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Here are our practice opening hours. Please contact us for holiday opening times.

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Adult Frames

Whatever your style, we believe we can help you find frames that suit you best.

Our collection of Women’s and Men’s frames includes a wide range of styles, from traditional classic to bold and contemporary designs. With stylish frames starting from just £30 and ranging up to designer frames, there’s something to suit all tastes and pockets.

Being an independent optician you have the freedom to choose frames from a huge variety of suppliers. If you ever can’t find exactly what you are looking for in practice, our staff will be happy to order alternatives in for you to view and try on.

Children’s Frames

Glasses for children are now seriously fashionable and we’re passionate about giving you the best possible choice. Children can choose from styles to suit all tastes including casual, funky, smart or sporty. Whenever your child needs new glasses, we think that you'll be happy with the range we have to offer as being an independent practice we can choose from a wide variety of manufacturers.

All children under 16 who need glasses are entitled to an NHS glasses voucher whenever their prescription changes. We offer free plastic lenses with this voucher (simply sign it when you visit the practice). All children are also entitled to a repair voucher, which (if their frame is ever lost or damaged and unrepairable) gives them the same NHS glasses voucher so they can replace them.

For the best possible vision, we recommend an anti-glare coating. Everyone (including children) encounter glare every day; from computer screens, TV, overhead lighting, whiteboards, and projectors. This glare causes stray reflections to enter the eye which can reduce the quality of the vision. Ask us about upgrading your child’s lenses to our anti-reflection lenses.

We understand that many parents prefer not to buy frames for their children especially if they don’t expect them to be taken care of. At Alvaston Opticians we offer a range of frames free (with your NHS voucher), simply ask us for details.

You also have the option to upgrade your child’s frame and we discount any frame by £30 (when you're using an NHS voucher) if you chose this option. This means that effectively the cost of these frames would then start from just £10.

We offer a wide selection of frames for young boys and girls as well as a range for teenagers. For more information please call in or contact us to see them.


In recent years there has been major developments in spectacle lens technology, all designed to improve your vision and to make your spectacles look more attractive and be more comfortable to wear. We are happy to discuss which of these are appropriate for you and any budget that you may have.

Varifocal Lenses – (the modern alternative to bifocal lenses)
These are normally advised for people over the age of 40 to avoid the need to put glasses on and off when reading. Unlike bifocals, there's no line on the lens; instead there's a gradual change in power as you look down giving you clear vision at all distances.

Alvaston Opticians offer a 1 month guarantee with all our varifocal lenses, meaning if you can’t adapt to them we’ll change them for you so you’ll never have to worry about purchasing glasses that you can’t wear.

Bifocal Lenses
Bifocal lenses are more convenient than separate pairs (for distance and near) and can be dispensed with the most appropriate width of reading area for your needs.

High Index Lenses
Some patients who have a more complex prescription have had to put up with thicker and heavier lenses in their spectacles. Today’s advances means super thin and lightweight high index lenses now make them look great and feel more comfortable too. Modern technology also means there is less edge distortion on the lenses offering a wider field of vision.

Photochromic Lenses (lenses that change colour under different light levels)
Outdoors they develop a darker tint similar to sunglasses and indoors they go back to being clear lenses. They are available in grey or brown tints and offer 100% protection against damaging UV light. They help to keep your eyes comfortable and allow them to adjust to frequent changes in light conditions without the need to constantly put sunglasses on and off. They also offer 100% UV protection and have become faster acting in recent years. Now there's even a version now that can go darker behind a cars windscreen.

Anti-Reflection Coatings
These are designed to reduce reflections from artificial lighting, computer screens, I Pads and car headlamps. They improve the appearance of your glasses by allowing people to see your eyes through your glasses more clearly without so much light bouncing back off the surface. Most importantly they give a better clarity of vision.

The best of these have the added benefit of them being scratch resistant, dust and water repellent and they help prevent grease debris on the lens surface. The newest one has a one wipe system making them even easier to keep clean.

All of our coatings come with a 12 month manufacturing faults warranty.


You can choose from a selection of sunglasses in many stunning styles. We are aware that different sunlight conditions often call for different types of sunglasses. We are also happy to recommend the best style and lens options to suit your lifestyle needs to give optimum comfort and protection.

UV Protection
It is very important to protect your eyes in bright sunlight, not only against glare, but also against the hidden dangers of ultra-violet (UV) rays. Over exposure to UV light can damage different parts of the eye and the sensitive skin around the eyes. This can lead to cataracts, macula degeneration and other conditions which could cause reduced vision later in life.

Polarised Lenses
Polarised lenses are another option, these are especially effective in combating reflected light as well as sunlight, e.g. off the surface of the road when it's wet and other water activities. Close fitting wrap around styles offer good protection from wind and light from all directions, making them ideal for sports.

Prescription Lenses
If you wear prescription glasses then you can still have good quality sunglasses made to your individual prescription and are all produced to the same high standard as our other glasses. These can be made with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses and can also be made using thinner lens materials.

Please see sunglasses along with other frames we supply in our Frame Catalogue (this is on the website of our other practice in Oakwood).

Get a 2nd Pair Half Price!

Get a 2nd Pair of lenses half price when purchasing a complete pair of glasses with Anti-Reflective lenses – Contact us for more details.

Terms and conditions apply.

Free Contact Lens Suitability

What is included in our Contact Lens Trial:

  • Free Suitability appointment
  • 24hr optician backup
  • Free solution throughout your trial
  • Free contact lenses throughout your trial (Including different alternatives to find the best for you)
  • Unlimited timescale*
  • Continuity of care option (same optometrist for every appointment).
  • No obligation to purchase lenses
  • Only £5 per appointment
  • Flexibility of purchase ... schemes tailored to meet your needs

* Trial can continue until either you or the optometrist feel there are no better alternative lenses for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

Individual Offers

We operate an individual offer system. If there’s a particular combination of frame and/or lens types that you want and it is not advertised as an offer, speak to us and we’ll do our best to help you.

Half Price Eye Examination

Get your Eye Examination at half price when you buy a complete pair of glasses on the day.

NHS Discount

We offer all patients with an NHS spectacle voucher a £30 discount off any frame when ordering a complete pair using the NHS voucher AND basic single vision or bifocal lenses FREE for their voucher value.

Over 60's

We give our patients over 60 a 25% discount off any frame when purchasing a complete pair of glasses if they request this at the time of ordering.

Free Contact Lens Suitability

Interested in trying contact lenses? Ask our staff about booking a free contact lens suitability appointment with our opticians to discuss your options and then try them for the first time. For more information on our contact lenses click here.

Complete Glasses

Some patients are more conscious of cost, which is why we offer a range of complete glasses (frames with single vision lenses) offering value and style from as little as £69.

* all of our offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Newsletter Sign-up

If you would like to be informed of any news and offers please sign up to our newsletter.


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Whatever your style, we believe we can help you find frames that suit you best.

Contact Lenses

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Many types of contact lenses are available here for both new and existing wearers?

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