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Contact Lens Types

Soft contact lenses can be subdivided by replacement/ disposability or by prescription.



Daily Disposable:

Daily Disposable contact lenses are the type of lenses that you wear just once and then throw away. Benefits of this kind of contact lens is that they are convenient, hygienic and are suitable for full or part-time wear.

Monthly Disposable:

Monthly Disposable contact lenses are very cost effective. These lenses are convenient and are equally popular. We offer monthly disposable lenses in the widest range of prescriptions and they are also available as 24 hour/ continuous wear lenses.

Each type are available in astigmatic and multifocal prescriptions.



These are the most common lenses which have a single power and are suitable for spectacle prescriptions with astigmatism of up to 0.75 dioptres.


These give better vision for people who have astigmatism of 0.75 dioptres or more as they also correct the shape of the eye.


These are lenses designed specifically for people who require different powers for distance and near vision, i.e. most people over 45. Despite what you may think, you can choose to wear lenses like this even if you don’t need distance glasses or already wear glasses full-time. This then gives you the freedom of never having to put the glasses on so the vision is always clear whenever you need it to be.