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Contact lenses can be beneficial to anyone who currently wears glasses and are suggested by our optometrists. Here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing contact lenses:

Cosmetic - One of the most appealing aspects of having contact lenses is that you will no longer need to wear glasses.

Sports - Contact lenses can be an excellent way to improve vision while participating in any sport.

Unfettered eyesight - contrary to popular belief, contact lenses allow complete unrestricted vision. When you wear contact lenses, you can see as freely as you would if you weren't wearing glasses.

One of the benefits of contact lenses is their comfort.


We offer all patients who haven’t tried contact lenses before a free suitability appointment.

You can then choose whether or not you’d like to order lenses and which lenses you’d prefer from those we have recommended for you.


soft contact lens trial

We offer all patients who haven’t tried contact lenses before a free suitability appointment.

Alvaston Opticians provide you with free disposable lenses (and free solution if it’s required) for the duration of your trial. You also get free access to Optometrist support if you need help any time, and this access continues for as long as you remain one of  our contact lens patients.

Contact lenses move with your eye, provide a natural field of view, don't block your vision with frames, and considerably eliminate distortions. They don't fog up or get splattered by mud or rain like glasses do.



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Soft Daily Disposable Lenses

Soft contact lenses, also referred as disposable contact lenses, are an economical solution for part-time wearers as well as those who want a convenient, no-fuss daily contacts as there are no solutions or cleaning required.

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Soft Monthly/Fortnightly Lenses

Although certain soft contact lens varieties can be worn overnight, the vast majority require nightly cleaning and storage. Ideal for individuals looking for a more cost-effective alternative to daily disposables.

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Multifocal Lenses

These contacts correct both far and near vision at the same time. Disposable or monthly/fortnightly lenses are available, and the need for solutions and care will be determined accordingly.

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Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses are carefully developed to fit the shape of the eye and are also used to correct astigmatisms. There are alternatives for disposable or monthly/fortnightly lenses, which will decide the need for treatments and care.

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Gas Permeable Lenses

A type of hard contact lens used to shape the eyeball to correct astigmatisms or very high prescriptions, gas permeable lenses offer certain users more comfort than soft alternatives.

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Ortho K Lenses

magine lenses by night and clear vision by day. Ortho K are custom-made lenses worn only at night to gently reshape the front of the eye using its tear layer.


We consider contact lens aftercare to be of the utmost importance.


We recommend that you arrive for an aftercare appointment with your lenses in for at least 1 to 2 hours.


We check both the type of lens you wear and if there are any subtle prescription changes to decide if the contact lenses are still suited for you.

If you and your optometrist are both satisfied with the lenses, you can keep them, order additional, or join a plan. If there are other lenses that could be better for you, we regularly give free trials of them to our patients so they can compare.


Our goal is to provide you with as many happy and healthy years as possible while using contact lenses.

Aftercare visits are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, or you can join one of our monthly plans to spread the expense.

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Lenses by night, clear vision by day.


Custom-made lenses are worn only at night to gently reshape the front of the eye using it’s tear layer.

  • Ortho K offers you freedom from glasses and additionally from all daytime contact lenses.

  • It is completely reversible.

  • It can correct moderate short-sighted prescriptions and some astigmatism.

  • It is also recommended for children as it can slow short-sighted progression.

  • Custom-made, highly gas-permeable lenses are worn each night.

  • It is a great alternative to laser eye surgery.

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