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What is Hollowvale?

Hollowvale is the ever growing and changing creation of a dark and mysterious place that exists between our reality and our imaginations. In the mind of the creator, it is a town that appears in places that people don't visit often, and appearing to only those who are of interest, both friend and foe. Beyond the veil and into the void, a stranger can come upon Hollowvale as spooky town full of weird folk, forever drenched in dark storm clouds, a full blood moon grinning down. Halloween, horror, science fiction and the queer identity is the fuel of this world- being apart of a community of isolated indiviuals; of misfits, those who are trying to survive in society, while dealing with life's general pains and depression. We strive to create a haven for those who identify within the minorities of society and happen to hold a fascination of the dark, creepy, and strange.​ Hollowvale strives to bring together those of us who hold an open mind, creative insight, and a love for one another in each and every unique difference and common connection.

Do you have anything more than a website?

We are currently working to get more social media outreach. We do not have a physical location yet, though we do hope to find a source of income to have a place for all you haunted souls to gather soon. We currently are working on getting out to as many horror conventions as possible.

Where can you be found?

Check our events out to see where we'll be showing up. We are always trying to hit up as many venues as we can afford.

What is Hollowvale's purpose?

To bring together like minded individuals for support and safety and growth. We hope to use this niche we've created to reach out to the local community and help in any way we can. Eventually, we would like to have a physical space to support the arts and educate through workshops and team building activities through the fun of horror.

Who is in Hollowvale?

Apart from all the devious demons and frightful fiends? Well, it is currently just a couple of queer artists and artist's friends. Although, whether just a supportive fan who loves our art, an artist wanting to contribute, an ally, a volunteer, or whatever you think you could do to help Hollowvale become something great, we are always looking to expand the community. We want YOU to be a Hollowvalean!

How to I get involved?

Simple! Send us an email! Let us know what you are interested in doing to help and if we feel you'd be a good fit, you'll definitely hear from us. Our email is Be sure to join our Mailing List as well to keep up with where we are and what we're doing. Currently we need volunteers and artists Anyone with legal backgrounds as well as social media gurus are needed

Do you do commissions?

Yes, some of us do, you can go to the consume page and scroll to the bottom or click this and learn more there. We do have guidelines to protect the artists

Is your content child friendly?

Yes and no. There are portions of our art that are violent or grotesque. As artists we have a need to express ourselves as we deem necessary, for many of us its our therapy. However, this doesn't mean we don't want to help young minds grow and be curious! We want to offer safe spaces for young people to learn and create whether through workshops or even their own shows! When we are able to provide spaces for different groups we will let you know via email and events.

Does Hollowvale benefit anyone?

Of course! That is our purpose (apart from scaring the pants off you) Our aim is to support the arts in all shapes and forms, which means we need to make money to pay ourselves so we can continue to utilize our time helping the community. This is not currently a full time job and we spend our spare time working hard on this to one day make it our full time job reaching out and helping those in need. We are a for profit LLC business (becoming a non-profit is perhaps in the future—believe us, its not an easy process!), and a very small business at that. We hope to grow and possibly be able to bring support to our city or county. If we ever grow larger than that instead of creating a monster (not in a good way) we'd open up spaces in other cities to form their own Hollowvale home. Every city and state is different with different problems to be solved. Think of us for now as a charitable business.

How did you come up with the logo and name 'Hollowvale' ?

There is a dark lit lantern that guides each individual to a space that is what they make it. It will guide them to a better understanding of oneself, their potential, and draw them to others with a similar outlook. hollow: adjective, hol·low·er, hol·low·est. having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere. having a depression or concavity: a hollow surface.

vale: noun a valley. the world, or mortal or earthly life: this vale of tears.

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